When choosing a sink, which details should be paid attention to?


When buying a sink, what do you care about? Material, style, size. Normally everyone basically only care about these points.
But there are still some other important points that have been ignored by everyone, causing many problems in daily use. For example, after we move into a new house, the water from the faucet splashes everywhere when used. So, the countertops, even the ground are easy to get wet. More seriously, the sinks are often easily clogged, causing water back and messing up the kitchen. How to choose a suitable sink for your family?

1. Choose according to the kitchen space

At present, there are mainly two types of single-tank and double-tank water tanks on the market. Generally speaking, a single-tank sink is more suitable for a kitchen with a small space. It can meet the basic cleaning functions of the user. Double-tank sinks are also widely used in homes. They can meet the needs of separate treatment for cleaning and conditioning. They are also the first choice because of proper space occupation. At the same time, there are three slots or sub-slots. Because of its special-shaped design, it is more suitable for large kitchens with individual styles. It has multiple functions such as soaking or washing and storage, and it can also separate raw and cooked food, saving time and effort.


2. Choose according to the size of the sink

The standard sink size design is generally about 190mm~210mm in depth, so that the tableware is more convenient to wash, and it can prevent splashes. At the same time, the vertical angle of the basin wall can increase the use area of the sink. If the drain hole is in the center of the sink, the space used by the cabinet will be reduced. It is better to install the water pipe against the wall behind the drain hole, which not only makes the water faster, but also effectively uses the space.


3.Choose according to sink accessories

Plastic sink hoses are not heat-resistant, easy to age, and the joints are easy to fall off and leak water. It is best to choose PP drain pipes, which have high sealing and prevent water leakage. A steel ball positioning and squeezing seal are required at the drain position. The positioning of the steel ball is the key to the drain of the sink. The positioning quality is good and the sewage can be quickly discharged.


4.Choose according to thickness, weight, depth

The thickness of the steel plate of the stainless steel sink is preferably between 0.8-1.2mm. Within this thickness, 304 stainless steel is selected to make the sink tough and to avoid damage to various porcelain vessels due to impacts. The easiest way is to press the surface of the sink a little harder. If you can press it down, the material is very thin. The thin and thin edge not only unifies the maximum washing space and minimum appearance size of the sink, but also the water splashed out of the sink can be easily wiped into the sink. Stainless steel is a kind of iron alloy. The specific gravity of steel is 7.87. Heavy metals such as nickel and chromium are added to it. These metals have a larger specific gravity than steel, so the weight is heavier. Counterfeit and inferior stainless steel, such as chrome-plated steel plate, is lighter. It is suitable for the height of the sink above 180mm, and its advantages are large capacity and splash-proof.


5. According to the process selection

The process of stainless steel sink includes welding method and integral molding method. Welding methods are divided into two types. One is the surrounding welding of the basin and the panel. The advantage is that the appearance is beautiful. After strict treatment, the weld is not easy to find. The surface of the sink is flat and smooth. The disadvantage is that some consumers Doubt its sturdiness. In fact, the current welding technology mainly includes sub-arc welding and the most advanced numerical control resistance welding, and the quality has passed; the other is the butt welding of two single basins using butt welding, and its advantage is that the basin and the panel are stretched and formed. , Sturdy and durable, its disadvantage is that the welding marks are easy to see, and the flatness is slightly worse.


Post time: Jul-20-2021