The difference between new and recycled plastic material

When you are wholesale plastic products, some merchants may offer you a very attractive price while the average price in the market is much higher. Thats because they are taking advantage of recycled materials. Hereby, we would like to briefly introduce the difference between new plastic material and recycled plastic material:

1. Those made of recycled material:

   1). The quality of the recycled material is more unstable and worse rather than those made of new material. The product contains many impurities and other raw materials, making the mechanical properties worse. Therefore the durability, tensile strength, and toughness are not satisfactory.

   2). Products made from recycled materials are unstable as well. Its hard to guarantee that products of each batch of material are the same;

 3). The significant difference is about the price. The recycled material is much cheaper. So, if you prefer to save the cost, recycled material is your choice.

2. Conversely, those made of new material have better toughness, durability, and appearance.

When you see the product at first glance, if its made of new material, the color is bright, fresh, and clear. Also, there is no strange stink on the surface. Although it costs a bit more, new material gives your product better competitivity and sense of good quality.

3. The difference of color.

 The color of the finished product made of the new material is generally brighter, brighter, and better gloss, while the surface gloss of the old material is relatively poor. The color of the new material is bright, and there are no black spots on the surface. The color of the recycled material is a bit dead, and there is a peculiar smell (does not smell good).

In the case of recycled material, there are two situations about the color:

  (1) The color is dark, the light transmittance is good, and there are many black spots;

  (2) The color is bright, opaque (with a large amount of titanium dioxide), and there are a small number of black spots on the surface.

Therefore, the colors made from new materials are generally light and bright, while the colors made from recycled materials are generally dark and thick.


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Post time: Dec-06-2021